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Good day mum and doc in the house.. Am 32weeks and 3days gone..I notice that my baby don't kick as usual these days..all i see is swelling on one side and maybe wen he turns his ankle will shot out my tommy..though he kick small but not very hard as he use der anything to worry abt? Plus I don't sleep at night cos of leg cramps on my right leg..pls what can I do..?
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Adanna Nwachukwu
I also think it is because the baby has less space to turn around. I don't think it is something to be scared of. But all d same it good u see ur doc.
Godwin Faith
Thanks Ada...that's what doc said after examining me..he said my baby has less space to kick as he use to...that So far I feel him move its fine....
Omolbaby GodsOwn
Go for scan n b sure
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