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Gudmornin moms n 7months boy has refused to suck breast since he started taking cereals. He was on EBF for six months.even when I force him he starts crying. Unless he wants 2sleep dats when he plays with d nipple and suck a little..he prefers his food now...pls wat do I do? Cos he is too small to stop breastfeeding now...pls help am really worried...
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Mommy David
Nutrilac and Nutribom
Its normal for babies to stop breastfeeding at that stage, my niece stopped at 5 months.. And she is very healthy and smart too..
Esther Udofia
My baby stopped 6 months, immediately she started taking cereals, she used to suck at night, after some days she stopped, she is 1 year plus now, and she's very healthy
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