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Pls sweet mama am 13weeks gone, is taking (uzu,white chalk)is it gud for my unborn child.pls help me out.tanx
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Jennifer James
Tanx a lot.God bless you all
Martins Judith
Pls my sister run far from it,it nearly took my life on my previous pregnancy,d problem is DT when u start taking it,u can not stop it,even when u didn't see it,u can even start inhaling & eating dust or sand,d nzu totally blocked my anus at 8months plus 3 weeks gone,I didn't excrete for almost 3 days & I was hvn d urge to excrete BT no way,& I started forcing it not knowing I was forcing baby out,long story sha,BT pls don't take it.
Jennifer James
Tanx so much @ metty
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