My son is 1 year and 3 months old, he is diagnosed with hydrocele, the swelling was so much that the doctor had to do needle aspiration saying he’ll only be operated on when he turns 2 and above. My question is what caused the hydrocele ( nb: he was born with it) is there any drug that ll reduce the because it has swelled up again?
A hydrocele which refers to fluid collection in the scrotum usually around the testis or anywhere along the line of descent of the testis. A hydrocele (usually if noticed from birth is essentially harmless) and may resolve on its own. If it persists till he is about a year old, a Daycase surgery would suffice. So no cause for alarm. An inguiniscrotal hernia may be mistaken for a hydrocele in some children, so it's important to be certain it is actually a hydrocele. An inguinal or inguiniscrotal hernia. in a child needs earlier intervention., however, a minor Daycase surgery is still what is done.