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Please doctors and mothers, my four moths old baby chokes lately whenever am breastfeeding her which didn't happen a couple of months back. Am disturbed by this because she is too young to be doing this. She doesn't choke on it when we are both lying down but once I place her on my laps to breastfeed her, she chokes. What could be the cause? Is there something am not doing right? I need answers. Please, hope there is no side effect in respect to this? Help a ftm.
Baby Care
Umoh Etentuk Boro
If I understand wat u mean by choke, dat means baby rushes d food or sth or ur milk is flowing very well. I think u shud still feed n wen she chokes u give her a break n burb her. Ensure she latches well on ur nipples, it's very important.
Jumoke Jenmi
@Umoh25098, thank you
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