Beulah Medical Laboratory

Mushin, Lagos
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Beulah pharmaceutical chemists Ltd; it is a business of retail pharmacy as well as wholesale of drugs.while; Beulah medical laboratory services Ltd is a medical centre newly built and equipped with modern technology to complement our comprehensive laboratory services and provide care in all fields of health care. This medical laboratory is designed and built to the standards of the World Health Organization. The main laboratory is equipped with the most modern and technology driven such as; Haematology Analyzer, Electrolyte Analyzer, Auto Chemistry Analyzer. Immunoassay Analyzer which qualify us to rest test in; Haematology, Pathology, Serology, Hispathology, Immunoassay, Microbiology . other extra equipment includes the E.C.G Machine that elicits disorder of the brain. An ECG Machine equipped with ergo metric bike with all parameters in place to detail heart function both at rest and after exercise. A modern Tilt Table that cares care of stress test and a corresponding modern massaging chair to curb the above when detected. Other sections include; ULTRASONIC, RADIOLOGY, MAMMOGRAPHY, DIALYSIS UNIT, BLOOD BANK .
14, St Finbars College Road, Akoka, Yaba,, Mushin, Lagos, Nigeria.
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