Bubbles' Play Kingdom

Surulere, Lagos

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At Bubbles’ Play Kingdom, we recognize that keeping children active plays a key role in promoting their physical and mental well being, and this coupled with parents becoming increasingly concerned with what to do to keep their children engaged has stimulated to the development of Bubbles’ Play Kingdom. 

Bubbles Play Kingdom offers great play value for children ages 0 – 12 years to promote physical activity and to encourage exercise in a controlled and safe environment. Our play equipment is cleverly designed to encourage physical activities including sliding, balancing, bouncing, jumping, crawling, ball skills, swinging, squeezing, and so on. In fact, it’s everything a developing child would expect at play. 

We also host children’s birthday parties, private venue hire packages, offer holiday and after-school/homework club, group booking like school excursions, and more.

1st Floor, AOS Mall, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria.
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