Crestview Earlystart Private School

Agege, Lagos
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Crestview Earlystart Private School is among the leading schools in Nigeria that provides quality Crèche and Montessori education for nursery and primary school students. The pre-nursery and nursery classes accommodate kids within 3 months – 5years and 6 – 10 years in primary school. The school is registered and has been accredited by the Ministry of Education in Nigeria. The school is located at 46 Olaniyi Street, New Oko-Oba Estate, Agege, Lagos. Situated in a nice, quiet and serene environment, the school has an outdoor playing ground for their students. Health education, healthy living and sports are part of the core services the school imbibes in her students. Crestview Earlystart Private School has been in existence for four years and within these years, the quality of education they had offered to their numerous students, speaks large about the school. The school is well equipped and each classroom is well decorated with paintings and drawing from students. Each class has its own library with Nigerian and imported edutainment and learning-based children’s books. Each class also boasts of a water dispenser as well as large screen television sets for the children’s edutainment. Crestview Earlystart Private School also provides breakfast / lunch service to their students. The school runs Montessori, British curriculum and Universal Basic curriculum. With well trained teachers who understand kids’ psychology and best way for learning, the teaching style acknowledges the differences in individual rate of understanding so they focus on every student individually and in group form, to help them with their learning needs. Apart from English language as the language of instruction, the school teaches French as a second international language. This is an important measure since there is need to know more than one international language as the world is coming much closer than ever before.
75 ,Olaniyi Street, New Oko-Oba Estate, Agege, Lagos, Nigeria.
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