Fanimed Hospital

Ikeja, Lagos
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Our services incorporate preventive, curative and rehabilitation medicine. Our care goes beyond drug prescription. We care for the total man. We listen and we are prepared to go the extra mile to get our patient smiling again. At the FANIMED HOSPITAL, we provide a very high quality and comprehensive health care service at reasonable costs. Our services conveniently cover primary and secondary medical care. In some selected areas we cover tertiary services. A remarkably high level of clinical practice and intensive care management are effectively taken care of by a team of highly dedicated and qualified personnel and supportive staff. The clinical team is headed by a former university lecturer/consultant with many years of post qualification experience. At the base hospital we have a team of seasoned and experienced medical doctors, specialists and consultants for appropriate and prompt medical care 24 hours a day. The medical team can be mobilised in the shortest possible time to attend to emergencies. Apart from the in-house specialists and consultants, we have standby group of external/visiting consultants to cover the rare sub-specialties. We are also in contact with other medical establishments within and outside the country-including in-vitro fertilization/assisted conception (test tube baby) centres
Block 210, Lily Road, LSDPC Medium Housing Estate (Phase IV), Oba Ogunji Road, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.
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