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Lagos Mainland, Lagos

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Ko Cakes & Confectionery is a leading cake and sugar craft company with branches in Lagos and Ogun State which specializes in making variety of cakes and desserts for all occasions. Birthdays, Weddings, and anniversary celebrations are some of the best times in life. Make those precious moments complete with the finest of cakes from us. Our clients enjoy quality and unmatched service; personal attention and care is always in every process, from start to finish. Our breathtaking products- works of art,we call them, have over the years graced many a great and memorable occasion ,in the country, bringing pleasure to so many and helping preserve for eternity these memorable events in so many hearts. We believe, if you can imagine it, then we can craft it into a cake! Our success in this field is a testament to the 10 years of existence of our innovative family of cake craftsmen/women, working to produce breathtaking,mouth watering fantasies in the form of cakes and desserts clearly evidenced by our attention to fine detail, tradition of artistic and design excellence,and history of customer satisfaction. Our expertise is solidly rooted in our ability to ensure that our numerous customers get good value for their money.Our cakes come in various sizes, shapes, flavours and colours. Our mouth watering flavours include vanilla, lemon, chocolate marble, strawberry, coconut and rich fruit.
Ojodu-Berger,, Lagos Mainland, Lagos, Nigeria.
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