Love World School

Ikeja, Lagos

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LoveWorld School provides unique and interactive learning platforms; allowing her pupils, teachers, and parents to work, learn and collaborate together; each becoming a vital part of a dynamic and progressively evolving school community, amidst richly enhancing and very many exciting educational opportunities. Our mission is to provide sound instruction and quality education, of internationally certified standards and suitably adapted for the progressive development of the whole child: physically, academically, socially and morally; and in an atmosphere of godliness and discipline, where children can learn and be influenced positively. In the preschool and nursery section of the school which is the foundation stage, we use the Montessori curriculum. The Montessori Method of teaching expresses deep respect for children as individuals. There is a deep concern for their social and emotional development. The Montessori environment is warm and supportive for the learners and no learner gets lost in the crowd. It consciously teaches children to be kind and peaceful. Learning is not focused on rote drill and memorization. The goal is to develop students who really understand their school work. The children develop self-discipline and internal sense of purpose and motivation. After graduation from Montessori, these values serve them well in high school, college and in their lives as adults. As a Montessori school, we reflect a highly diverse student body and the Montessori curriculum promotes mutual respect and a global perspective. Every montessori class teaches critical thinking, composition and research. History lessons link architecture, the arts, science and technology. Children learn to care about others through community service . Montessori teachers facilitate learning and coach students who come to know them as friends and mentors. Children learn not to be afraid of mistakes; they come to see them as natural steps in the learning process. Montessori children learn to collaborate and work together in learning and on major projects. They strive for their personal best , rather than compete against one another for the highest grade in the class.
1 Abba Johnson Crescent, Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.
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