Nouveau Schools

Lagos Island, Lagos

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As the name suggests, Nouveau Schools (New Schools in English) represent the cutting-edge in children’s education in Nigeria, from nursery all the way to primary school. We are dedicated to teaching children to excel in all walks of life. Nouveau has a full complement of trained Nigerian and expatriate baby-minders; graduate teachers and “educarers” with years of experience in early childhood, nursery, and primary school education. We have Crèches for babies (3-12 months); pre-nurseries for kiddies (12-24 months); nursery 1 for toddlers (24 -36 months); nursery 2 for children (36-48 months) reception classes for preschoolers (48-60 months); and primary schools for children from 5 to 11 years’ old. The staff/children ratio in our crèches is one adult for every three babies. In each of our nurseries and reception classes we have two teachers: one Nigerian and one expatriate, as well as two nannies. We also have a compendium of primary school teachers, some specialized (e.g. in Arts & crafts; French; ICT; music and physical education) others general. We retain two registered nurses in a full-time capacity.
12, Babatunde Jose Road Off Ademola Adetokunbo Street Victoria Island, Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria.
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