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Lagos Mainland, Lagos
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Some ten years ago, precisely in 2002, we conceived the idea of setting up crèche; nursery and primary schools, to assist working couples to find an exclusive place of care for their children while at work. Prudence Private School was thus established on October 26th, 2003, in order to contribute to the development of sound education, beginning with a solid foundation for children. Learning in our Schools goes beyond the classroom; it also includes co-curricular activities such as sports, creative arts, craft, and music. Learners are also encouraged to excel in academics and moral standards. Thus academic excellence and moral values remain our focal point in the development of our Schools. If you are in need of a place where your child can get the best education and moral standard, then Prudence Schools should be your first choice for total fulfillment in academic excellence.
15 Mcneil Rd, Yaba, Lagos Mainland, Lagos, Nigeria.
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