Reality Centre Nigeria

Alimosho, Lagos

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Reality Centre Nigeria This is a one-on-one special care therapy centre dedicated to amazing children with learning and developmental disabilities. We work with special kids with Dyscalculia Dyslexia Autism Spectrum Disorder Cerebral Palsy Down Syndrome... We believe that these disabilities are treatable and that the kids can have a balanced and independent life while having a normal relationship with others. They can learn basic life skills, but though it may take much longer time for them to accomplish this but the ultimate goal which is independence can be achieved. E.g independence in toothbrushing, residence etc...

We operate one on one with each child either at home or within the school premises attending to the dynamics of the exceptional needs of each child. We train teachers or parents on how to work with the children. We believe this is a calling for us and it is what we have dedicated our time and energy to. Our results has often been described as a miracle by the parents/guardian with

17, Abeokuta Street, Idimu, Ikotun, Alimosho, Lagos, Nigeria.
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