Rightville School

Surulere, Lagos

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Rightville School was established in May, 1997 to provide excellent training and education for children at the crucial point of education. The beginning, Montessori method combined with the National Curriculum is used from Daycare to transitional classes. Our aim is to assist each child to achieve self-reliance, discipline and confidence. Our teaching standard is comparable to the best available in any part of the civilized world. The school environment is set up to provide the best comfort possible and to make the child look forward to going to school everyday. Inspire the desire for adventure and discovery, fostering a spirit of curiosity and encouraging a thirst for knowledge, are all part of a broad and balanced education from which all Rightville School pupils benefit. We are also very conscientious in protecting and ensuring the health, safety and security of every child under our care, and cannot compromise in any way, these essential elements.
Plot 95 ,Owukori Crescent, Western Avenue Estate, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria.
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Mon 08:00 am - 05:00 pm
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