Rodan Schools

Ibeju/Lekki, Lagos

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Our motto is “Applied knowledge is power”. In Rodan, we provide all our pupils/students with a sound and solid education while at the same time, pupil’s/student’s skills and morals are well developed. Rodan runs a nursery, primary, junior and senior secondary schools. Our environment is very conducive for learning. We provide a world class standard of education.The focus of Rodan Schools is the development of our wonderful pupils/students. Our curriculum, teaching methodologies, staff quality, libraries, technology, buildings, resources, facilities, management and so on are all in high standard. In order to sustain our mission and vision to deliver world class education to our children, we inculcate high moral and ethical values as we prepare them for a life of service and fulfillment.
16, Addo Badore Road, Badore, Ajah, Ibeju/Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria.
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