Sweet Pea Caterers and Crafted Cakes

Badagry, Lagos
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Sweet Pea Caterers and Crafted Cakes is a catering and baking company that creates bespoke and appetizing delicacies such as Crafted Cakes for all occasion, Finger foods, Cocktails, Desserts, Nigerian meals, Chinese and Continental cuisine. We also offer training services teaching housewives, undergraduates, postgraduates, teenagers, those seeking job opportunities in the catering industry and also those planning to start out a catering business amongst others, how to bake cakes and pastries, cook meals, and how to make a variety of catering products. We offer training courses in; - Cake baking - Cake designing/decorating - Sugarcraft - Small chops - Cocktail drinks - Pastry - Special treats - Desserts - Africana meals (Nigerian meals) - Chinese and Continental meals
23 Road, 'U' Close, House 4. Festac Town, Badagry, Lagos, Nigeria.
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