The Hope Valley International Clinic, Lagos

Ibeju/Lekki, Lagos
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The clinic is one of the largest fertility centers in sub-Saharan Africa and our standards and success rates are comparative with similar facilities abroad. We operate primarily from our Lagos Centre and have established satellite IVF centers at Port Harcourt, Abuja, Kaduna and recently Benin-City.

The Hope Valley Clinic is the first center in Nigeria to commence operation with the full compliments of all ART equipment including ICSI from inception, an indication of our seriousness, dedication, and commitment. the first ART center in Sub Sahara Africa to-date to have recorded a pregnancy in a 45yrs old using her own eggs – Nigerian fertility society/IFFS workshop, 2005.

These and many more fact attest to the degree of attention to detail and the dexterity of our quality control and assurance protocols. Up-to-date, the clinic has completed over 2000 IVF/ICSI cycles with over 500 babies to show for it.

Plot 31, Block 113 Oladimeji Alo Sreet, Lekki 3rd round-about, Ibeju/Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria.
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