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Hello all mummy in the house,it sound funny,but I nid to ask, pls wats d treatment of sperm linkage ???
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Mom Diamond
It's called EDA in Yoruba, abeg go to a good herbal doctor o
If u mean sperm liking out ur vigiana, it is normal bc sperm must com out after sex, one drop is enough to mk u pregnant if every other tin is ok. It is not all datz licking out, d one dat wil fertilise is already in dia' sperm swims wit a very high speed dat evn if u jump 100 times it wont com out
U r right Nwachinaemere but you don't know what she means by licking. Some need medical attention while others r normal. What Sesede means by her words is right as well,if u had sex n d sperm flow out as if u r urinating immediately, isn't good at all . she should explain how it's coming out n if is d EDA as said, she should do as advised
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