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Good afternoon sweet mommies. Pls my son of 7weeks doesn't poo all d time, it takes some days before he poo. I put water in his anus morning n night when I bath him, I press his tummy but nothing comes out. He fart alot, he stretch n cry kicking his legs before he fart, n it smells like kilode. Secondly I took him for his immunization last week, n d place is still very strong, what do I do pls, help. On EBF, though we started 3weeks ago cos he was on glucose water because of jaundice for 4weeks.
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Glory Sunday
You need not worry, it means the stomach is developing, secondly, the fart was due to air in the stomach, you can help the baby by taking enough oranges and vegetables it softens the Tommy and help to poo, you can also buy infacol drop give 0.3 meal 3 times a day for three day it help ease pain, brings up wind, then try burp ur baby each time of feeding, remember it's all stages of growth which will be out grown k. Feed d baby well
Marie Henrie
@Glory18415, thanks alot
Glory Sunday
You don't need to message it will go it self k
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