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Good morning beautiful moms n Docs. Am in my 2nd trimester, but my breast is just becoming something else. Growing bigger n bigger by d day, so painful n heavy as if I am weening a child. Didn't experienced dis with my first pregnancy. All my bras doesn't size me anymore. Pls is dia anything I can do to ease d pain n to stop it from enlarging?
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Marie Henrie
@Abosede25500, OK dear, thank u
Hannah Fat
There is nothing u can do to breast enlargement during pregnancy. My first pregnancy, my breast grew so big that I was so scared. If I slap someone with the breast, the ears will go deaf. So so big. My 2nd and 3rd so normal, no pains at all. U could be expecting a girl ..
Marie Henrie
@Hannahfat, wow! R u serious? I really want to have a girl oooo
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