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Please mothers and doctors in the house I have been breast feeding my twin girls for 6months and now I try adding something else but they wouldn't eat . just breast feeding and I can't continue with only breast feeding please what do I do ?
Breast Feeding
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Osabuyide Wumi Falana
Am having the same experience with my 7month old girl. She wouldnt take anything aside breast milk. Even if the thing sweet pass sugar,she wont take it,she wants only breast milk. Did exclusive breastfeeding for her too
Oyeleye Oyetola Gold
Dat will surely be stressful,don't give up in trying new foods they will later eat make brown pap fortified with crayfish,gnut,soya etc. Gerber products is good too.Goodluck
Precious Emmanuel
My dear don't worry urself they will eat but keep forcing them Myn started eating at 1year 4 months and he is 1year 7months now but still force him without that no way
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