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Good morning mum n doctors in d house. I had ectopic pregnancy last yr oct n did surgery to remove it. The doc told me he also removed one of my fallopian tube d right one.Since January this yr av been trying to conceive again but no sign yet n my menstruation comes out normal. Pls m so so bothered n can't wait to give my hubby kids.pls is there any chances of me having kids again n wat do I do n also teach me how to calculate my ovulation so as to kw wen to met with my hubby. Pls ur answers r highly needed pls help a sister I feel so terrible now.
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Olori Oduneye
Please don't let anxiety stress out your body.Commit it to God,go see a specialist to be sure there are no issues or medication you need. As for calculating your fertility window,you can download any ovulation app to help you keep track of your cycle and prompt you when your fertility window is near. And of course,have sex with your husband as often as possible in the days leading up to and after your fertility window. You will surely carry your own bundle of joy in Jesus name
Nwamaka Okonkwo Okere
Please don't wait till 14days to start having sex. Start 2days after your period and do it every other day. Believe God and it shall come to pass. I am a testimony!
Obianuju Peter
Tanx a lot God bless u all
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