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Good evening houz pls my baby of 3 weeks+ has stoped suckling well and she has not been pooing very well for about a week now and my breast milk is getting dry pls Wat do I do?
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@Succeas14331, if baby doesn't suck as she suppose to, d breastmilk will start drying up after ur breast must have full n baby was not sucking or u didn't express. So it will b reducing
@Olaogun, if after taking all the liquid (hot pap, tea and everything) your milk doesn't flow and your baby is not getting fed, please dear sister buy formula. I usually don't advice this but @ the end of the day, the baby's welfare is paramount. She's too young to starve biko. I had the same experience with my first and after trying all the gymnastics as advised to no avail, SMA came to the rescue. Once I gave her the formula, she started feeding well and even started sucking again. Best wishes
Olaogun Olanike
@olawunmi am so so grateful
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