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What's is the cause of dandruff in baby hair, My baby is a month and 2weeks I just noticed it, and what's the cure?
what your baby has is called a cradle cap, and yes it is normal.
Cradle Cap
Looks like: Waxy pink or orange scales on the scalp. They can be mild or can grow so thick it looks like your baby's wearing a cap. Cradle cap generally shows up in the first month or two but can pop up anytime within your baby's first two years.
What's going on: This is a form of seborrheic dermatitis, which is also responsible for dandruff in adolescents and adults. "The most common cause is a yeast that grows on everybody's skin but prefers to live in greasy areas like the scalp," says Dr. Siegfried. Babies are prone to cradle cap because Mom's hormones that are still circulating through their body send oil-producing glands into overdrive.
How to help: For mild cases, just use a gentle shampoo to wash your baby's hair. You can also try massaging mineral or olive oil into the scalp and then washing it out. It's okay to next use a soft-bristled brush or your fingertips to brush out flakes, but be gentle. "The more trauma you inflict to the skin, the more likely the scales are to reappear," cautions Dr. Siegfried. For a severe case of cradle cap, your pediatrician may recommend that you use a medicated anti-dandruff shampoo.
Cradle cap may look kind of funny, but it's not dangerous. "Transient things like little red spots, bumps and scaly areas probably happen on other organs too -- who knows? But we don't have fancy names for them because we can't see them," says Dr. Siegfried. "If your child is growing and seems comfortable and happy, you don't have to worry so much.
My baby is 1 month old today she has cough for almost two weeks now. I think she got it from me or from my 2 years old daughter. W...
Please see your paediatrician immediately.
Treat as Urgent.
My baby of 1 month old has been having eye discharge, don't know what to do?
If it is mucus.... Whitish... Just clean with cotton wool dipped in clean bottle or Saline water. If it persists kindly see a doctor for proper treatment
What can I do to a month old baby that milk comes from the nose while sleep after been breastfed?
You have to keep the baby in an upright position for 30mins or more after feeding to prevent the food coming back up.
Can I clean my 1 month baby tongue? And what can I use?
A soft clean washcloth or cotton wool damped in clean water will be fine for cleaning your baby's mouth.
You can then transit to an age appropriate toothpaste when the baby's first tooth erupts.
Please what else can be applied on a baby's naval after the fall of the umbilical cord.
Once the cord has fallen, just clean with mentholated spirit if still raw or yet to heal completely or become like normal skin.....No need for any special care once it has healed fully and become like normal skin .
My baby of 1 month 4 days old hasn't poo for 3 days, what do I need to do?
Is your baby on exclusive breastfeeding?
Please what sleep position is good for a baby of one month old?
Pediatricians recommends back to sleep as the best sleeping position for infants. That’s laying your infants down on their back. This is to avoid the child dying via Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SID)
What are the causes and
solutions to Hippcus in 1month old?
Hiccups in
newborns are due to the diaphragm
stretching. It will resolve on its own. There's
no need to worry.
My one month old baby is on exclusive breastfeeding, he sucks a lot. As long as he is with me, he wants to keep sucking every 10mi...
You should calm down. Their is a
period when baby just want to suck
not because of hunger but just to be
close to you. Just keep at it. Ensure
your baby latches well when
What do I give to my one month old baby who is coughing and vomiting?
The child is sick and possibly the cough is severe. Kindly take him to see a doctor who will examine him properly, make accurate diagnosis of the causes of cough and vomiting and treat appropriately.
My one month and 5days old baby has rashes all over her face, it really disturbing her in the night mostly please what can I apply...
Treatment of rashes depends on the type of rash on the child after a physical examination is carried out. Kindly see a Paediatric dermatologist for examination
My baby is 1month and three weeks, my throat is itching and I'm having this severe cough. My sister said I should treat malaria I'...Please, Doctors, help my baby is 1month and three weeks, my throat is itching and I'm having this severe cough. My sister said I s...
Can I give my 1month old baby Abidec multivitamin? He only sucks for at least 5 minutes at each feeding. I always force in to stay...
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Just continue breastfeeding your baby exclusively, make sure you are lactating well, empty one breast before offering the other.you can also express breastmilk and feed her using a clean cup and spoon. Download and watch all our videos on breastfeeding.
Nurses at the clinic I visited today said they noticed "tongue & tie". What does "tongue & tie" mean and is it very dangerous for...
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There is what we call frenulum which attaches the tongue to the floor of the mouth. It is usually a thin membrane and as the baby's tongue grow bigger, it seems to become smaller. However, in some babies, it can be quite thick. It is this frenulum mum usually call tongue-tie especially when it extends to the tip of the tongue. Most times, the baby's tongue can still lift up and protrude without any problem
Hello, please what can i use for hair growth in a 1 month old baby
Apply shea butter and coconut oil. It should help

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