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My baby of 16 weeks old she is always coughing and pooing after sucking breast, please what's the cause?
A baby can poo up to 8 times in a day, indeed after each feed and it is perfectly normal. On
the other hand too, the baby may not poo
at all for 2 weeks and it is also perfectly
normal. I'm talking about an
exclusively breastfed babies. The stools
are normal and the baby is well, no other
symptoms observed.
My baby of almost 16 weeks has been pooing for almost a week now though he sucks well Nd normal but most times he poos while am br...
Dear Mom, does the poo sinks completely into the diaper?
I'm 16 week gone when will I hear my baby kick and when should I go and know the sex of my baby and I need your prayer that God sh...
More than 70% pregnant women find out their baby's sex during ultrasound, which is usually done between 16 and 20 weeks. I wish you all the best
I am 16weeks pregnant and i always have pains one side of my waist while making love with my husband,please whats the cause?
My Doctor said that the cervix lowers slightly during pregnancy and can be 'banged against during sex, causing pain. Changing positions might help
Gud day, pls I need ur help, I am 16 week pregnant by I always feel weak all the time. Thanks
Is normal to feel weak during pregnancy, specially first pregnancy. Try to eat very well, eat fruits and take a lot to fluid but not pineapple juice to avoid sudden contraction. You will gain your strength later speaking out of experience.