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White substances are coming out of my two years baby eyes, what's the cause and solutions please?
Most eyes discharges are due to viral infection. You can clean with cotton wool and water then observe . If it persists, let your baby be examined by a Paediatric Opthalmologist for proper evaluation.
Please what can be given to a baby of 2 years that ingest methylated spirit?
Take your child to the hospital treat as urgent, please do not give Palm oil. FOR ANY ACCIDENTAL INGESTION OR POISONING. PLEASE GO TO HOSPITAL FIRST. ACCIDENTAL POISONING IS AN EMERGENCY.
During this 2 years of breast feeding as approved by WHO,is it possible for a mother on this not to see her period?
It is called LACTATION AMENORRHEA ie Breastfeeding suppression of ovulation and menstruation as a form of Family planning is not 100% Full Proof.... YOU CAN GET PREGNANT even without any menstruation. Kindly USE PROTECTION or additional form of Family planning
Apart from waiting till a child reaches 2 years old to seek surgery for umbilical hernia, meanwhile is their something one can do...
Umbilical hernias vary in size however usually after
the first visit to the Paediatrician or
Paediatric Surgeon, it is observed as most
of them tend to close by the age 4 or 5
Can I give my 6months old baby plain yogurt and can my 2 years old baby take zobo?
Yes you can give your baby yoghurts that are
specifically made for babies, you can find it in baby shops or big stores around you. Endeavor to give your baby family/local meals too and continue breastfeeding please.
How can one control snoring in a child of
2 years old?
Snoring could be as a result of positioning
during sleep, it could be a habit especially if
familiar or adenoids enlargement.
You should see a paediatrician for thorough
evaluation to identify the cause
My 2 years daughter can write number 1-6 letter and A-E perfectly. She does2 yea mimics words and sentence after someone but not c...
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Hi mom, I cannot conclude if something is wrong or not without seeing the child. I will encourage you take your child to a speech therapist or a developmental paediatrician at any teaching hospital nearest to them for proper assessment and management.
I'm so worried right now cos my baby of 2 year has had convulsion for like 3times in 5mths interval due to high fever. Though She...
Dr Aina Johnson


Ensure the child is treated early depending on the cause of the fever.
My friend's daughter of 2 years+ has got an itching vagina without rashes or redness. Could it be a vagina infection (I never knew...
Please, also rule out any case of sexual assault or abuse from peers
/school etc. Just to be sure
My child of 2 years +, her right ear is paining her seriously, she has been crying.what will do?
The cause of the ear pain needs to be evaluated by a doctor. Kindly take your child to see an ENT doctor for management.
I just noticed a white slimy thing from my 2years and 5months old baby girl's vaginal. what do I do?
Dr. Dara Abiodun

Medical Doctor

The commonest cause of vaginal discharge in children is vaginitis due to poor hygiene. mums should ensure our girls change their panties daily, buy cotton panties that can breathe and more importantly teach girls how to wipe/clean up after using the toilet. it should be front to back and preferably if at home use water as some kids can react to toilet roll and afterwards frequent hand washing. most importantly, be sure there is no sexual abuse ongoing'.

the child needs to see a doctor
Good afternoon moms, please my son 2years +, complain that his private area is inching him but there is no visible rash on it...wh...
Dr. Dara Abiodun

Medical Doctor

There are many causes of itching in children and antibiotics are not necessarily the Drugs for treatment of itching... It depends on the cause of the itching. Indeed drugs can also cause itching as side effects or allergic reaction
Kindly see a doctor for proper evaluation of the cause of the itching and appropriate treatment
I bought some drinks for my 2 years old son yesterday, after consuming it he began to stool today and is temperature is slightly a...
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Yes, it's possible the child is reacting to it since it's expired.
You can give ORS to replace lost fluid