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I saw some substance on my baby of two years eyes when he woke up from sleep this afternoon how should I go about it? (no itching)...
Clean with cotton wool and water and watch, if it persists, kindly see an opthamologist for proper examination and treatment.
My 2 years old son cannot sit at one place for 1 minute, always demands attention. Can it be a medical condition?
It could be a Neurodevelopmental disorder called ATTENTION DEFICIT HYPERACTIVITY DISORDER (ADHD). However, he needs to be evaluated first by a Paediatrician to be sure
What causes a child to bring out saliva at the age of two?
In an otherwise healthy baby, there is nothing to worry about. Some babies drool saliva as a habit that they outgrow. However, if there are other medical issues for example delayed developmental milestones... Kindly see a Paediatrician preferably a Paediatric Neurologist for further evaluation.
My son is 2 years, he is having an eye problem, his eyes are red, itching, and there is a rash around the pupil and in the morning...
Please see a doctor, preferably an opthalmologist for evaluation and management.

My son is 2 years and 1 month, For some days now he has refused to take water regularly. This has resulted in his excrete to b...
It is possible for a child not to like drinking water but you should still bother and try to give the child water to drink as they need it. You should try and give him sips of water after each complementary feed and he does not need to drink a whole bottle of water at a go. Frequents sips through the day will do. You can also give other drinks like milk, fresh fruit juice to supplement his water intake.
I stopped breastfeeding last week for my baby, He is 2 years. I have not seen my menstruation.
Its a NORMAL PHENOMENON.....IT is not a problem and it will eventually return...No need to worry but you can see a gynaecologist if still concerned.
My twins will be 2 years old in September, one of them has only 6 teeth. What can I do?
You will likely have to see a pedodontist (commonly called a pediatric dentist) who specializes in children's dental care

You can see Babymigo Children dental developmental chart below;


My son of almost 2 years has refused to eat other food except for cereal and Jollof rice. I have tried all, cooking such as am...
You will need to apply a lot of patience as some kids are picky eaters. Do not expect your child to finish a full bowl of food but some spoons offered occasionally will do. Also try to be creative in presenting your meals, use colourful plates and spoons as well. Keep trying and do not give up.
My 2 years old boy always swollen eye and has discharge. What can I use to stop it?
It seems like conjunctivitis.
Kindly take the child to see an opthalmologist for proper evaluation and treatment. Treat as urgent.
I notice insect bite like wound on my daughter of 2 yrs on the smallest finger of the right hand, and its itching her so I rubbed...
It appears that the child has some allergic reactions to something either insect bites or some other things
What drugs can serve as food supplements for a 4 years six months old and a 2 years 7 months old boys?
They do not need any supplements or drugs just the appropriate diet.
What is Mantoux test? And can a child of 2 years+ still do the test?
And if he has no immunity to tuberculosis will he still r...
Yes a 2 years old can still take BCG Vaccine.
The first thing to do is check if the child is immunized that is has developed response despite the NO SCAR.... this is by doing a Mantoux test... If the response is compatible for a child who has received BCG that is okay. There is no need to worry about the scar.
How can one stop a child of 2 years old from opening his mouth while sleeping?
It is not normal to sleep with the mouth opened. He seems to be experiencing enlarged adenoids. Kindly see a Paediatrician or ENT surgeon for further evaluation and management.
My baby girl of 2years old urine is always yellow, though she takes water a lot is there a need for me to be worried?
Depending on what you meant by
Yellow Urine and at what point? The
normal Urine colour is AMBER - close to
water colour. However, urine that has been
passed for certain minutes or hours into the
diaper will change color. Urine can also be
darker if the child is dehydrated.
What treatment can be administered to a 2 years old baby with measles?
See your doctor for treatment. Measles
should not be treated at home. First aid
measures, keep fever down by tepid
sponging, give paracetamol for rashes,
apply calamine lotion. Then see your
doctor for treatment of possible or
associated complications.
My son who is 2 years old was born with straight legs, suddenly I notice that the legs are now bent like a bow leg, and the left l...
kindly see a paediatrician or an orthopaedic surgeon at the teaching hospital for appropriate diagnosis and management depending on the cause which could be rickets or other causes.
Please can a child of two years plus take golden morn and quacker oat?
My baby of two is growing her premolars, her gums are swollen, she has a terrible breath now, and also bleeding gum.pls help mi fo...
There are a few reasons why bleeding can occur in a child's mouth at this age, it could simply be a new tooth growing (erupting) or it could be inflammation of the gum (this can happen if his teeth are not brushed daily) or it could be a herpes simplex virus infection among other things.
Please can my baby of 2 years plus start using sugar for his pap? I have been using glucose, don't know if I should still be using...
I recommend formula or milk, However, there is no law that says you can not just add sparingly just to give a taste for babies who will not take ordinary pap. MODERATION IS THE KEYWORD......
Please can my baby of 2 years + take custard?
Yes you can give your baby custard.