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My three years old baby has egbesi,(swollen in something like maps) all over him and I don't know what to do. No temperature, just...
That sounds like an allergic reaction which could be from food, cream e.t.c. Their is need to find out what he is reacting to and avoid it as well. Kindly see a paediatrician or dermatologist for further evaluation, proper diagnosis and treatment.
My daughter of 3 years use to feel hot nearly every month, please what can i do about that?
Kindly confirm fever with a digital thermomether. If temperature is higher that 37.5°c, give age appropriate dosage of paracetamol, tepid sponge and present your baby for proper review by a paediatrician for proper management.
Please my 3 years old son is currently treating malaria, he was given Act and pcm injections alongside anti malaria tablets. The i...
Children tend to vomit drugs that they do not like the taste. Just give him the dose after 30 minutes. If he still keeps vomiting the medication, then you have to take him back to the hospital and let the doctor know so a different treatment plan can be established, if necessary.
I dewormed my son last month with 200mg mebendazole, but for 2 weeks now he has been saying that his bum is itching him, should i...
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No ma'am, do not deworm him again. Children should be dewormed every six months and not earlier than that. Please, take your child to the hospital for a proper diagnosis of the itching.
My 3 years old daughter had malaria last 2 weeks which was treated with coartem suspension it reoccurred after a weeks and she was...
Please take the child back to the hospital for proper evaluation.
My boy of 3 years can't poo or find it hard to poo, what can I do?
Your child is probably constipated.

You need to give lots of water and also endeavor to give fruits like fresh orange juice, watermelon e.t.c as well as vegetables and food rich in fibre. Avoid junk foods as well. If you are giving cereals also ensure you mix with the right quantity of water.

But if it persists, see a paediatrician for evaluation and management.
My baby of 3 years plus does not take any other food than pap with milo and peak milk and indomie with egg, but he always complain...
Please be patient and try as much as possible to make meal time fun for your child. You can also try eating along with her to encourage her.

Introduce her to varieties of food containing all classes of food including fruits, you will surely find some foods she likes until she adjusts very well.
My daughter of three years scratch her upper teeth with down ones when sleeping what will be the remedy?
When you say scratch, do you mean she chews her teeth?
What can I use to wash the teeth of a child of 3 years old, it is not that whitish again?
It's better to determine the cause of your child's tooth discoloration. It may just need some scaling and polishing( professional cleaning). Please take your child to the dentist for the appropriate treatment for her age.
My 3 years old boy cries over everything, he
is so assertive and demanding difficult things
and cries until he gets it, alwa...
That's called temper tantrums.... You
also have to be consistent in not
allowing him to have his way. Time out
may help as well. Also model good
way of doing turn taking etc. If there
are other associated developmental
issues, then see a PAEDIATRICIAN
for further evaluation and
My son of 3 years old has
been crying since last night because of ear pain we
couldn't sleep last night, please what should...
Please take the child to
see an ENT specialist preferably in a
teaching Hospital so that the ears
can be checked properly and the
cause of the pain will be known and
What can I use for a baby of 3yrs dat saliva always runs out of his mouth?
In an healthy baby, there is nothing to worry about. Some babies drool saliva as habit which
they outgrow. However if there are other medical issues for example delayed developmental milestones. Kindly see a Paediatrician preferably
a Paediatric Neurologist for further evaluation.
Is it okay to give a child of 3 years old peak tin milk mixed
wit malt?
Its better to avoid giving children carbonated drinks if you can or give sparingly after they must have established themselves on family diet.
Is it normal for a three year old child to be snoring continuously while sleeping? I'm really worried.
Snoring could be as a result of positioning during sleep, habit or adenoids enlargement. You should see a paediatrician for thorough evaluation to know which it is.
My 3-years-old baby is running temperature and his hands and feet are cold, he is feverish and also coughing.
Did you check the temperature with a
What could be wrong with a 3 years old girl who wakes up at the middle of the night and become so scared of every thing around her...
It's mostly likely she had a dream or
nightmare especially if she has watched
something scary or frightening. No
need to panic but just calm her down and
gently reassure. It will surely pass.
Always ensure kids are kept away from
things that can scare them or frightening
events or TV shows.
My Child Of 3 years old, some Rashes Is Coming Out Of Her Body And It Itching Her
Dr Aina Johnson


Ma'am, the treatment of rashes can only be determined by a doctor or dermatologist. Kindly see a Paediatric dermatologist for examination and proper treatment.
My 3years old boy as crossed eyes. what should I do?
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There are many causes of cross eyes in children ranging from nothing to brain problem or issues with the muscles controlling the eyeballs to issues with the eyes itself. The best thing to do is to see an eye doctor, that is an ophthalmologist, as soon the cross eyes are noticed.
My cousin's son of 3yrs has undescended testicles or testes pls what can be done to it?
The testis develops in the abdomen, somewhere near the kidneys, then follows a path to ‘travel” down into the scrotum as the child grows.
It may be located anywhere along its normal path of descent into the scrotum. Every newborn male should be duly examined after birth to check if the testes are in the scrotum.If a testis or testes (both) are not in the scrotum at birth , they may still descend later but if still undescended by age 1year,it is not likely to descend again.
Which worm medicine is recommended for kids of 3years, 6months and also 1year 6months
Hello ma, good afternoon. Children should be dewormed starting from age one and at 6months interval. So you should not deworm your six month old child please.