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My 4 months plus old baby has been stooling since last week, Is that how he will continue till his teeth finally comes out?. He's...
My 4 months daughter has been sneezing often today. Is it normal?
Sneezing is the body trying to get rid of something irritating the nostrils....it is a protective reflex especially when the baby is exposed to those irritating substances or germs. There is no need to stop a baby from sneezing.....It is protective; however, you need to monitor the baby to watch out for respiratory infections which can happen when these protective influences are overwhelmed.
How often is a 4 months old baby expected to poop in a day?
Babies on EBF can poo several times daily and sometimes not poo for days. If the poo does not sink completely into the diaper but has semi-formed solids like melon then there's nothing to worry about. Just continue exclusive breastfeeding
My baby is 4 months old and I introduced similac advanced formula when he was 3 months. But I found it he can now stay up to 4 day...
Exclusive breastfeeding is the best for your baby in the first 6 months as we always advocate here
What can be given to a 4 months old baby who is struggling to poo/hard poo since three days ago He is on formula?
Give your baby water after every formula feed and ensure you constitute the formula as recommended by the Manufacturers...right amount of scoop to the appropriate amount of water "
My baby of 4 months old doesn't put weight on the legs, and he doesn't stand. I went to see a pediatrician at a general hospital a...
Kindly follow the recommendations of the pediatrician you visited.
My neighbor baby of 4 months plus that does not poo everyday before, recently started pooing everyday. She's on EBF, is it a thing...
As long as the poo is normal its nothing to worry about. EBF babies can poo everyday.
How do one address a 4 months old baby who is always interested in eating adult meal and cries profusely when ever he sees adult a...
The baby is just 4 months..... Complementary feeding should be started at 6 months. Continue to breastfeed the baby exclusively.
Can I give my 4 months old baby water?
if you are doing PREDOMINANT
BREASTFEEDING, there is no need
to give water.
My baby of 4month is always
scratching her gum restlessly. Which drug
should i give to her? Is babyrex ok?
itchy gum could be a symptom of a child about
to cut the first set of teeth. Pls do not
give teething mixtures. You can give
her soft teething toy to bite on.
Can I use adult haircream for a 4months old baby?
You can use just Shea butter or Vaseline.
I have a son who is 4 months old, do i open his penis or it will open by itself?
Do not attempt opening it by yourself. Kindly see a urologist or a surgeon in a teaching hospital for an assessment of the condition.
My 4 months old Baby hair always cut, please any solution to it?
It depends on which part of the scalp the baby is losing hair from and if there are scalp rashes or scaling. To be on a safe side, see your Paediatrician to rule out cradle cap, seborrhoeic dermatitis and other causes.
My baby is four months old, she poo yesterday and i noticed that there is a little blood in the poo and catarrh too, she's on EBF....
Blood in the stools is NOT NORMAL. It could be due to Dysentery or bleeding along the gastrointestinal tract. Blood like substance does not necessarily mean that there is blood in the stools. Kindly see a doctor and let the stools be analyzed in the laboratory. If confirmed to be blood the underlying cause of the bloody stools will be further investigated and treated.
How can fibroid be managed during pregnancy
It can be managed by seeing a doctor at a general hospital, eating foods grown naturally like local rice, wheat, vegetables and fruits.,avoid stress too.
The first immunization that was given to my daughter on the left shoulder is swollen, what should I apply? she is 4 months now. Pl...
Dear mom, NORMAL reaction it will eventually resolve to become a scar! No need to worry about it
My daughter of 4 months is now on formula feeding because I resume work when she was 3 month. Since yesterday she has not to stool...
Hello Mum, If the poo is not hard when it eventually comes out, then there's nothing to worry about. Make sure you give enough water after each feed.
My 4months old baby right eye is bringing out whitish discharge anytime she sleeps, please how do I go about it? Thanks
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the eye is a very important part of the body. Please take your baby to the hospital for evaluation by a Paediatric Opthalmologist.
Good morning doc, I noticed my 4 months old baby is dehydrated. He is not sick but most time he refuses to suck. A few days ago, h...
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Refusal to suck in a baby is one of the most worrisome symptoms in a baby for a Paediatrician. Now the child is even dehydrated, that should be an urgent matter. Kindly take the child to the hospital for proper evaluation and management
Is it okay if i train my son to sit because he's trying it. he's 4months old.thanks
There is no significant difference between baby boys and girls when it comes to their achievement of developmental milestones....and you don't have to teach them anything. They do it by themselves as part of their normal development.