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My 5 years old girl has been chewing her teeth for some days now but she has been treated for fever but still she is still chewing...
It could be a habit or subtle seizures.

Seizures require anticonvulsants; habits can be handled by the dentists.

Kindly see a paediatrician first to rule out seizures.
My 5 years old daughter complains of stomach pain every time. I have done many things, even taken her to the hospital to know avai...
There is a need for close evaluation by a pediatrician to rule out all other possible causes or underlying cause of the stomach ache.
Please do endeavor to see a pediatrician as fast as possible.
1. My 5 years daughter lost two teeth forcefully and it has refused to grow, will it grow later?
2. My twin, 1st was born 2.2...
It could take up to 1 year or more for the adult replacement to come in
My younger brother of 5 years old came back home last night with a swollen lips and gradually his whole face became swollen. What...
My boy of five years old scratches his body after taking his bath with sponge but he doesn't scratch when soap alone is used. Its...
It is most likely an allergy. Their are
many things that anyone can be
allergic to even food, water, cream,
soap e.t.c.
My 5 years old son has measles he is not running temperature, please what should I do?
Measles is to be diagnosed
What could be the cause of a 5 years old boy
pouring spit like a pregnant woman?
Take your son to a paediatrician for
evaluation to know the cause.
My 5year old child has a boil on his buttock, I saw it 4 days ago and have to rub it red oil mixed with salt, gave him paracetamol...
Dear mom, red oil and salt are not the medication for boil. Please the drugs you gave were there prescribed?
What can I use to treat her cold then, she is 5years old, the cough syrups don't work for her
First of all the risk factors have to be identified. Your child may be allergic to something ranging from what he eats to environmental factors. Take her to see a paediatrician for proper evaluation and diagnosis
My daughter of 5 years always complain of tiredness is it normal and pls home remedy for ringworm
Ringworm is a fungal infection and requires treatment with antifungal agents both oral and topical.Treatment may need to last up to 6 weeks" please see a doctor for treatment
My 5years old son complains of pain in his navel. Pls, what could be the problem?
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you will need to see a paediatrician for thorough evaluation and treatment.
My baby took his 9months immunization and on the card was written completed I am confused because I learnt children are immunized...
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It depends on me, There may be a slight variation from centre to center .So try inquirer in your nearest PHC
My child of 5 years has been having a serious cough for the 4weeks we have been taking her to hospital 2time and different kind of...
Any child coughing for more than 2 weeks should be seen by a paediatrician for further evaluation and management.
There are many causes of persistent or prolonged cough for example bronchial asthma or tuberculosis e.t.c
My 5years old son was just recently diagnosed with asthma and undergoing treatment. I need advice from our professionals on what o...Apparently, I remember that when he was born the doctor said then that he was not breathing well and I didn't get to see him until...
Asthma is a chronic condition characterized by reversible obstruction of the airways. This is because the airway of an individual with asthma is programmed to react this way when exposed to some substances or conditions. These substances / conditions are what we call triggers.
My 5 years old boy breath so loud and he is not having a cough and Catarrh. please, I want to know if my baby is Okay.
It depends on the reasons for the heavy breathing first. Is the house dusty? Does he have a blocked nose etc Kindly see a Paediatrician or ENT surgeon for further evaluation and management