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Pls my baby 6 months+ used to take pap before but suddenly stopped face only breast feeding, and if I gave him any thing, he will...
Try other foods e.g home made food in puree or mashed form like beans, potatoes + boiled egg yolk, rice puree + egg yolk, cereals, powdered oat with milk...etc
Is it okay to add glucose to my six month old baby's pap?
No, you cannot add glucose to your baby's pap instead use age-appropriate milk.
My baby is six months and weighs 10kg, I was shocked on finding out I complained only about me to see a woman whose 3-month-old so...
There is nothing wrong with your baby's weight. Children Double their birth weights at 5 -6 months and Triple their birth weights at 1 year. 3.5kg multiply by 2 will give us 7kg.
Is it safe to give my 6months baby sardine and how many times is it an idea to feed a 6months old baby so as to avoid after effect...
Yes you can give your baby sardine. As regards how many times you can feed your baby, Continue frequent, on-demand breastfeeding, including night feeding for infants ✔ Introduce complementary foods beginning at six months of age ✔ Increase food quantity as the child ages–while maintaining frequent breastfeeding • Provide 6– 8-month-old infants approximately 200 kcal per day from complementary foods. • Provide 9– 11-month-old infants approximately 300 kcal per day from complementary foods. • Provide 12– 24-month-old children approximately 550 kcal per day from complementary foods. • Local research is needed to determine the best combinations of foods and practices to achieve these levels of energy intake. ✔ Increase feeding frequency as the child ages • Feed 6– 8-month-old infants complementary foods 2–3 times per day. • Feed 9– 11-month-old infants complementary foods 3–4 times per day. • Feed 12– 24-month-old children complementary foods 3–4 times per day. • Offer nutritious snacks 1–2 times per day, as desired. ✔ Gradually increase food consistency and variety as the child ages, adapting the diet to the infant’s requirements and abilities • Feed mashed and semi-solid foods, softened with breastmilk, if possible, beginning at 6 months of age. • Feed energy-dense combinations of soft foods to 6– 11-month-olds. • Introduce “finger foods” (snacks that can be eaten by children alone) beginning around 8 months of age. • Make the transition to the family diet at about 12 months of age
Can I give my 6 months old daughter an egg yolks?
Why not? Yes, ma you can. Eggs also are rich in minerals, vitamins and several other nutrients that are beneficial for infants in many respects. Egg white, being rich in potassium and proteins, helps with organ function. Egg yolks contain choline and cholesterol which are associated with brain development in infants.
Can I give pounded yam to a 6 months plus baby?
NO, you can't feed your baby pounded yam as your baby. Foods should be fed mashed and semi-solid foods which pounded yam is not.
I have a 6month old baby and just realised I'm pregnant.pls is it adviceable I continue breastfeeding my baby?tnx
Pls what kind of drugs can I give to my 6months son that's teething? He's having catarrh and cough, his poop is drawing mixed with...
Take him to the hospital, they will treat him according to the symptoms
What food/ milk should I introduce to my baby of six months?...we have been on exclusive all this while. Your suggestions will be...
Go to Augustsecrets on instagram. She has varieties of food for babies.
Food for my six months babyNoodles
Home made food in puree or mashes form. e.g rice puree + egg. Boil little rice without salt then blend with already boiled egg yolk and serve warm. U can also introduce moimoi, mashed potatoes with fish etc. Research more on Nigeria home made food for babies. Its better than cereals always. Introduce safe fruits for his age too.
Dear mums what can i start feeding my baby, he just turned 6months?
U can start with pap and milk, cereals too. Then patiently introduce what u eat to him or her in puree food. E.g rice puree + egg yolk. Boil d rice with no salt, allow it to cool off a bit, then add already boiled egg yolk to it and blend, serve warm immediately. U can research online for more cos not all babies take cereal or pap so u have to be well prepared.
What type of Cereal can introduce to my 6months old baby and what type of local food can i be giving her, we are on EBF before?
Cerelac is okay. U can also try home made food/puree too, e.g rice + egg yolk puree, (Cook rice till soft, no salt added, boil egg and blend little quantity with egg yolk, serve warm) boiled sweet potatoes with egg yolk/boiled mackerel fish aka titus, moimoi, mashed beans but u peel d shaft before cooking then add ground crayfish amd little palm oil, pap with milk/ground crayfish etc
Food for 6 months 3weeks ;Please can I give my 6months 3 weeks cornflakes and golden morn?
Is it normal for pregnant woman tummy to be hard, am six months pregnant and my tummy is hard, is even harder whenever I eat being...
Dr. Dara Abiodun

Medical Doctor

Usually, you'll start feeling Braxton Hicks contractions sometime in the second trimester, getting more pronounced the farther along you go in pregnancy. They can feel like a tightening of the stomach, as your abdomen (or rather the uterus) gets hard for no reason.
Can a six months old baby take soya bean powder?
Yes. I started including it to my baby's pap @ 6 months
Is it normal to feel bloated at 6 months pregnancy, I normally feel heavy as if my Tommy is filled with air especially after eatin...
It's normal but don't eat fried food too much
Hi mummies and doctors in the house, please which is the best to add to my six months old baby pap formula or milk, because some p...
Ur baby is too young to give adult milk, he has not even reach to take 123 milk that's for children from 1year let alone "DANO MILK" that's for adult. So buy any 6-12 formula that u can afford and be giving him with the pap.
My baby is six months and two weeks he has being on exclusive, I want to start feeding him but he rejects food. I really don't kno...
Keep trying he will accept my baby didnt nt take formula wen she started eating watbi dobis dat i prepare her own meal separate.lik rice chicken carrot blend n add formular 4 serving or plantain fish carrot n avocado blended
My babies are 6 months +, can I stand them on their feet now?
Why are you in a hurry? There's a developmental milestone for every stage of a child growth. You don't need to force it, when the baby get to the stage he/she will start to make attempt on their own.
Can I give my 6months old baby treated water without boiling it we just finished exclusive breastfeeding?
You can make the water warm a little