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Can a child of 6 months get toilet infection from the mum?
You need a diagnosis first. Their is nothing like toilet infection, see your doctor for proper evaluation and management and an appropriate antibiotics will be prescribed if you're a breastfeeding mum. Do not self medicate yourself or even try to give any medication to your baby too.
Can I give my 6 month old baby semovital and blended unpeeled groundnut in her pap ma.
Yes it is okay to give baby semovita mixed with milk,adding unpeeled groundnut how hygienic is it? Always introduce one food at a time.
Please can a baby of 6months plus take Astymin syearup?
Kindly note that we do not prescribe drugs here.
Moreover, your child does not need routine multivitamins. Just give balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables. But if you really wish to give, choose any brand of multivitamin for children but encourage balanced,varied and adequate meal.
Multivitamins do not replace food
Can I give my 6-month-old baby wheat cereal?
Wheat needs only to be avoided in children if allergic to gluten. However, it is better to start with smoother cereals like rice, maize when starting at 6 months then you can add Wheat when the baby’s tolerating that better and you need something a little coarser
My baby of 6 months poo is black in colour, apart from what I eat what else can cause this?
If your child is not using blood tonic or taking any iron supplement or taking a formula that contains iron and the stool is black, that is worrisome. IT MAY BE A SIGN OF BLEEDING FROM THE UPPER PART OF THE INTESTINES. Kindly see a pediatrician urgently for further evaluation and management in other to rule out bleeding along the gastrointestinal tract.
My 6 months old strains herself when she wants to poo, and when she eventually does, it comes out strong. I noticed this since we...
Please give more fruits and vegetables and also increase your baby's water intake
My baby 6 month baby doesn't poo and I have introduced him to food now is it normal too like breast feeding.
It's likely your baby is constipated.
Their should be a regular bowel movement after exclusive breastfeeding.

Since you have introduced complementary food, kindly ensure you mix baby feeds (formula and cereal) with the accurate quantity of water. It is also important you give balanced meals with fruits and vegetables as well as food rich in fibre to avoid constipation. Give water during feeds and during the day intermittently.
Just notice my baby boy of 6 months with crack lips this morning how can I treat it.
It might happen due to a lip licking habit, or your baby may be sucking on their lips. Dehydration and dry weather are also common causes. Sometimes chapped lips may point to underlying health conditions. Dry winter, hot summer months, or too much wind exposure can cause lips to lose moisture.
My 6 months old baby has been crying since yesterday and didn't allow anyone to touch her. She has been to the hospital and the do...
The baby needs to see a pediatrician for a proper evaluation.

You should take any child crying for long for apparently no reason to the hospital. It means the child is IRRITABLE and it could be the first sign of ill-health especially if coupled with a refusal to eat.
My baby of 6 months is having eye log/gunk. For 3 days when he wakes up every morning, I notice the eye log is always kind of much...
Please take your child to the hospital to be examined by an opthalmologist for proper evaluation since it is persistent.

But you can clean the discharge if it is mucus whitish with cotton wool dipped in clean bottle or saline water.
My 6 months old son is running temperature.. most especially on his forehead, palm and his legs... What could be the cause? He was...
Kindly note that you cannot just treat fever but the underlying cause needs to be addressed.

Fever can be caused by different illness, it could be malaria, viral infections e.t.c. Fever is confirmed only with a temperature reading above 37.5°c with a digital thermometer
Please is it good to start take green tea if my baby start taking solid food and cereals? My baby will be 6months soon.
No, taking green tea is not recommended for a nursing mother.
I just completed EBF for my son today. Thanks to Almighty God. Birth weight: 4 kg
Weight@6months: 8.5 kg
Well done momma, you did great.

You can now gradually start to introduce complementary/solid food as you continue to breastfeed to at least 2 years.
My six months old baby just stop taking all her baby's food and she wouldn't even open her mouth while attempting to force her to...
Your baby must not eat baby food, it is even more ideal
I Just concluded six months EBF but my baby refused taking water and even food. What should I do
Be patient with your baby as these are new foods you are introducing to him. With time, he or she will get used to them and accept them when offered.
Please after deworming a child at 1 year, when’s the next dosage? Is it every 6 months or 3 months
It’s every 6 months
My 6 months old son just woke up and started vomiting, he vomited 3 times today.
There are many possible causes of vomiting even overeating or indigestion. Just watch for now and if the vomiting persists then see a doctor for further evaluation and management.
My baby is 6 months old and he is stooling, pls wat should I give him?
Your child is suffering from diarrhoea. You can give ORS and oral ZINC. You need to pay attention to hygiene while preparing child's food and during feeding.
my baby of 6 months old does not like to take local foods except noodles and golden morn, pls what can I do?
Your baby cannot take golden morn because it is not an infant cereal. It should not be given to children below age 3 as specified by the manufacturer on the pack.
Can I add baby milk in nutribom cereals for a 6months baby?
Yes you can add any age appropriate milk with moderation.