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Pls my 6years old son has been having this issue of his anus coming out whenever he poop, this started when he was around 2 years,...
Your child may be having a rectal prolapse or haemorroids. You should see a Paediatric Surgeon for expert advise.
A boy of 6 years old is growing permanent teeth while the milk teeth are still and none is shaking at all. What should l do to pre...
It is important you take your child to see a dentist for an assessment
My son of 6 years plus eats so well. He was fat from birth and all of a sudden he started growing lean. Though he still eats so we...
There are many causes of lumps. Please take the child to hospital to be examined physically by a doctor preferably a Paediatrician.
My son of 6years plus was ill and had taken anti-malaria with amoxicillin and paracetamol about three weeks ago. but I discovered...
Was a malaria test done and malaria confirmed before the initial treatment?
And was it a doctor that prescribed those drugs you've listed?
Please, note that self-medication is not right.

If a doctor did see your son and prescribed the drugs, kindly go back to the hospital and explain you've not seen changes.
Please what could
be the reason of a
6 years old boy urine
to be green?
Kindly take your child to
see a doctor preferably a
paediatrician as soon as possible for
evaluation of the underlying cause
and probably management.
What can I use for my 6-years-old daughter that her private part always itches her?
Kindly take her to a paediatrician for evaluation to know the cause of the itch. Also ensure proper hygiene.
HER. PL...
Kindly see a paediatrician for thorough evaluation and treatment.
My six year old daughter complained of stomach problem a few weeks ago. We went to a lab. test which indicated that she had too mu...
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Hello Sir, stomach ache is a symptom of sickness and could be anything. Kindly take your child back to the hospital for proper check up and treatment. Do not assume or self medicate.
My 6 years old daughter's underarm smell is stronger than it should be. What could be the issue?
It's part of growing up. Adrenarche which is part of puberty is occurring here. Never mind. Just a regular bathe and deodorant for kids is ok.
Some children have early Puberty which can make them have body odour...Just focus on hygiene. If you are worried, kindly see a Paediatric Endocrinologist for further evaluation and management
My son of 6 year+ weighs 31 kg and his younger brother of 5years weighs 22kg. Is their weight appropriate. Both birth weights were...
Hello ma'am, Yes their weight is Ok.
My child of 6 years popo three to four times a day immediately after eating but not watery
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As long as the poo is normal and not watery its nothing to worry about.
I have a 6 weeks old baby & she is on just breast milk. D milk does come out of her nose even after a long time of intake or belch...
What you just described is called gastroesophageal reflux, just a jargon that says food return from the stomach to the oesophagus after feed instead of staying down.
For such babies, you need to keep them upright for up to 30 minutes or more after each feed so it stays down.
My boy of 6years hardly wet bed at night. But since last two weeks he often pee on his boxers in afternoon while playing with the...
Dr. Dara Abiodun

Medical Doctor

They are 2 possibilities. It's as a result of bladder spasms or purely behavioural. You might also want to check if he's on any medication recently. If this continues, I will advise you see a paediatrician