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Can a baby of 7 months plus take emzoclox antibiotics?
Was it a doctor that made the prescription?
If yes follow prescription as directed by the doctor. We do not prescribe drugs here and we also strongly condemn the use of antibiotics without doctor's prescription.
my baby is 7 months, is it true that its not advisable to give porridge mixed with pounded groundnuts if the baby has a cough?
It’s a pure myth
It’s not true
What can cause the tummy of a 7 months baby to be make noise as if something is moving inside, then the baby will start pulling he...
It is not unusual for children or adult's stomach to make noise, it depends on the kind of noise. It could just be passage of gas in the stomach. If the noise is not associated with vomiting or any kind of pains, then their is nothing to worry about. But see a paediatrician if the noise is accompanied with any sign of pain or discomfort'.
Can hyperactivity in babies cause them not to have excess weight?
My girl is 7 months, birth weight 2.7 now weighs 7.4. She ea...
There is a level of activity that is normal for a child.

However if you as a mother based on your intuition feel this is way above the normal activities, please see a Paediatrician preferably a Developmental Paediatrician.

Kindly click on the link below to read the response to a similar concern.
Is it good to give a 7 months old baby only pap without milk or formula and sugar?
You should give pap with any age appropriate formular. You can add little sugar but if possible avoid it.

My Baby Of 7 months Have Refused To Eat, He Will Only Take The First Spoon And Reject The Next But Only Take Breast Milk And W...
You will need to apply a lot of patience, he is new to this transition of other food aside breast milk. Do not expect your child to finish a full bowl of food but some spoons offered occasionally will do. Also try to be creative in presenting your meals, use colourful plates and spoons as well. Keep trying and do not give up.
Can I give my baby of 7 months tea, I. E milk and milo
No ma, you can't. Do not give any form of tea - milo, bournvita e.t.c before the age of 1.
You can give any age appropriate (6 - 12 months) formula/milk of your choice.
Is Mixing Palm Oil And Sugar To Clear Cough Good For A 7months Old Baby?
No, it a very bad practice. For cough- sometimes, you may not need to give medications as it may be viral and would run its course and go on its own. However on other times the child may need to be attended to by a doctor. Example is when the child has breathing difficulties due to the cough or when the child develops a fever. In such cases, you would need to see a doctor.
My 7 months old baby is stools for at least 4 times a day since Tuesday. I changed her milk from Lactogen to SMA gold on monday. T...
Please keep the child well hydrated and monitor her for any unusual change such as weakness, fever, etc. If you observe any, kindly take the child to hospital.
I've been giving my baby of 7 months old baby piccan for teething for some months now but the teeth is not coming out and each tim...
My 7 months baby girl who weighs 10.2 kg have this persistent dry night cough which makes her vomit and disrupt her sleep, I took...
Please see a pediatrician as soon as possible. This is a common presentation of bronchial asthma in children but let a Pediatrician see first to examine and evaluate thoroughly for proper diagnosis and treatment.
How should I care for my 7 months old baby's teeth?
It is expected
Please what is the normal
range of temperature babies? I just
just noticed that my baby of
7 months body is hot and
Normal body
temperature ranges between 36.5C -
37.4C. Anything from 37.5C and
above is fever. The reading from your
thermometer does not depict fever.
Ensure you use a digital thermometer
and insert it in the anus or under the
armpit for accurate results.
After EBF my baby of 6months old and she is now 7months and 3 weeks old, she doesn't like eating food unless you force her and aft...
No, you can't deworm your baby yet, deworming starts from age 1.
My baby is 7months and she developed fever since Thursday and I been giving her paracetamol.today, she was her playful self until...
Using a thermometer, if the reading is more than 37.4, then your baby has a fever.
Pls my 7-month baby has refused to drink water, what can I do
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Hello ma'am, its quite common. Please make sure to give water at intervals not just during meals.
Is there a dosage for orange juice given to a 7 months old baby?
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It has to be fresh orange juice...Squeezed from the fruits in your own kitchen. Not the store bought concentrate o....and you Should Dilute in 10 minutes ....that is 1ml of juice should have 9ml of clean boiled water or distilled water added for 6 - 8 months....after that you can begin to give the juice without any dilution
How many times is normal for a baby of 7months+ that's on complementary feeding to poo in a day.
A child can poo as much or as less as possible. What is important is the texture of stools. As long as it doesn't come too hard or too watery. There is Nothing to worry about.
please help!!! My 7 months old baby fontanelles not pulsating. What do I do
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Dear Mum, it's a normal phenomenon. It doesn't have to pulsate and you you don't have to see pulsations.
A very big thank you to this platform ... I'm impressed But please, what can I feed my 7 months old baby with to make her add wei...
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Welcome ma'am. At 7months baby should be on complementary feeding with breastmilk too. Ensure to give variety of well balanced complementary food and avoid foods with empty cabs......include fruits and vegetables.