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What can make a child of 7 years be complaining of abdominal pain making him vomit nonstop, unable to stand well, as well as shrin...
This is most likely a surgical emergency! Kindly take the child to the hospital preferably the Children's Emergency room of the closest Teaching Hospital NOW
How can one treat mouth odour for a boy of 7 years old?
Bad breath or Halitosis in
children can occur due to several reasons
like poor oral hygiene, mouth breathing,
tooth decay, gum disease, infections in the
mouth, bacteria on the tongue, dry mouth,
tonsil stones, foreign objects in the nose
and some medical conditions.
what can cause a child of 7yrs to urinate frequently about 10times in a day pls help
Dr Aina Johnson


It is natural for babies to pee more if they take lots of fluids be it water or juice..
However to be on the safe side and rule out disease conditions that could make children pee a lot and often like diabetes or Urinary tract infection, I will advise you to see a doctor for proper evaluation including urine laboratory tests.
Are there medical treatments for nose bleeding. My son of 7 years has started to have it. It all started when he was about 5 years...In a week, he had it up to 2 times with heavy flow. I have a cream that his doctor prescribed for him but it not working. The name...
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Hello Ma'am . Kindly let the child be seen by an ENT doctor for proper evaluation and management