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My baby 9 months have no appetite for food only porridge
Don't be in a hurry to give up. Also, try varieties but not more than ONE new food per week.
What can make a child of 9months have rashes on his foot and it's itching him seriously?
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Good day mom, please note that there are different kinds of rash and it takes a doctor to physically examine to determine which it is and the treatment. Please kindly take your baby to the hospital for proper evaluation and management
Please my baby will be exactly nine months tomorrow. Is she supposed to take the nine months immunization or she can take it a wee...
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Hello ma'am, good evening. Kindly take your child for the immunisation tomorrow.
I want to know how many litres of water can I give my 9 months baby boy?
You didn't state the weight of your child. Water intake for a baby below one year is 100ml X baby's weight. Note also that It is all fluid intake... not just water only.
My baby has rashes on the upper part of his arms and I noticed it few days after his 9months immunization. Please it over 2 weeks...
The rash needs to be ascertained before treatment. Kindly see a Paediatric Dermatologist for proper evaluation and management.
Is it ok for 9months old baby to take Hepatitis A vaccine?
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The Hepatitis A vaccine is given at 12months of age,so kindly wait till your baby is 12months old.
Good afternoon doctors, please docs my 9-month baby has lately refused to eat and vomits the little she eats, she's running temper...
Dear mom, refusal to eat is the first sign of illness. Did check the temperature with a digital thermometer? What is the reading of the temperature?
My baby is nine-month-old and do not eat anything even porridge what should I do
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As regards to the child not eating, kindly take it easy with the baby,it is a gradual process. Read more on practical feeding
Please I need help. Can a baby be immunized a week to the actual immunization date?e.g a baby will be 9month next week which is th...
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The baby should be immunized when he is 9months as indicated in the immunization card schedule but not before. Let the child go for the immunization the as scheduled
my daughter of 9+ month blow catarrh with blood this morning, I try looking through her nostrils no wound found please is there an...
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Please, see an Ear Nose Throat (ENT) specialist if the bleeding continues
My baby took his 9months immunization and on the card was written completed I am confused because I learnt children are immunized...
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It depends on me, There may be a slight variation from centre to center .So try inquirer in your nearest PHC
My baby is running temperature and should be going for her 9months immunization today. Pls, I need ur advice, should we go ahead w...
Yes, do not go ahead with the immunisation for now.A child with HIGH FEVER SHOULD NOT be immunised. Wait until the fever has stopped and underlying cause treated before going for the immunisation.
My baby is 9 months, can I be taking green tea and Bragg's apple cider.
Do not take green tea whilst nursing a baby. The manufacturers always advise against nursing mothers taking it.
My 9month old baby just stopped breastfeeding, though I tried forcing her to, she won't still yield, should I keep trying or I sho...
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You may need to see a Paediatrician for further evaluation to know why the baby is refusing to suck and how to help you further
My baby of 9months+ has been stooling and vomiting and he is running temperature.. Pls what are the causes and what do I give him...
it's okay to use a fan for your baby. The fan won't have an effect on your baby if you don't place baby directly under the fan, directly centred or facing the baby.
My 9month baby weight 12.5kg I did exclusive for him, till now he doesn't take any food rather than breastmilk and pap or custard,...
Babies crawl when they are ready averagely 9 months Some don't even crawl..
My 9months old baby is having cough mostly when sleeping. Please, what can I do?
Good evening ma'am. How old is your baby? Does this cough occur only at night and for how long has this being going on?
Please ma, what supplement can I give my baby of 9months that will makes him to eat and gives him strength or makes him gain more...
My daughter is 9months and 2weeks yet has grown no tooth. What is going on?
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There's no need to be worried yet . Though most babies start cutting their first set of teeth at 6months but it's a range.. If no tooth erupts by 15-18months, then it's time to see a dentist for further evaluation ma
Can a baby of 9 months plus take vitamilk drink? And what are the healthy snacks to take?
The only beverage you should give to infants babies between 1 to 12 months is Water and milk. No Carbonated drinks, malt drinks, chocolate beverages, No Soda or Pop or Fizzy Drinks. Fresh fruit juice made in your kitchen is allowed from 9 months.