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Please I'd like to know if it is advisable to give 'agbodo Jedi' (local bitters) to children to neutralize the sugar in their syst...
NO It's not advisable! Please do not give agbo or any other concoction .Beware of Kidney and liver damage from unknown herbal remedies.
My daughter is not gaining weight and I'm doing EBF for her. She actually weighed 3.7Kg at birth. When I took her to the hospital...I also noticed she does not sleep deep during the day except if I back her. She cries often as well. People around me are suggesti...
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Probably baby is not satisfied. As a nursing mother, eat well balanced diet and take lots of fluids, such as water, yogurt, fresh fruits juice etc.
Check baby weighed afterwards and there will be improvement.
Can I give my 5month+ agbo Jedi(pile herb)
Please, don't because it's hard to know the right dose. Besides, your baby's liver or kidney isn't matured enough for most herbs at 20 weeks old.