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Does some food allergies come in form of rashes?
Yes ma'am, food allergies can manifest in form of rashes. It may not necessarily be food, one can also be allergic to water.
What is allergic rhinitis?
Pls, I noticed something about my baby she is almost 10months old whenever I give her any food containing egg she vomits after abo...Last week I gave her boiled egg, and she vomited and had stomach upset I guess, today I made noodles and broke the egg in it now s...
Signs of allergy includes Rashes, itching, nausea , vomiting, diarrhoea, abdominal pain, cough, swelling on the body etc are all signs of food allergy and/or intolerance......Food allergy is worse than the intolerance"...For treatment kindly avoid food you suspect are responsible for the allergic reaction. Kindly visit the hospital if persistent or still concerned
Can a 3 year old that has been having respiratory allergies be termed asthmatic?
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No ma'am, Not so fast.. Asthma needs to be diagnosed by a doctor
My baby is starting her solids next week so I would like to put peanut butter in her porridge. can it cause allergy or not.
Dr. Dara Abiodun

Medical Doctor

Groundnut is essentially what is in the peanut butter. As long as the child is not allergic to groundnut. Give a little to taste first and observe any reactions before giving more'