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Hospital in Abuja to deliverPls I need help with hospitals in Abuja preferably around Mpape/Maitama to give birth/antenatal.

I don't want government hospit...
Pls I'm 13weeks gone, when can I start antenatal ?
Now is the the right time for u to start
Am 5 weeks pregnant when should register for antenatal and can I start taking pregnant care instead of folic acid????
You can register for your antenatal next week, bear in mind that your doctor/nurse will write a list of prenatal vitamins and drugs for you based on your initial test and clinical history. I wish you a safe pregnancy journey
Is any one have an idea of how much they are registering for antenatal in General hospitals?
Lagos island maternity is 28k, phc is about 2k
When should one start taking routine drugs in ? Even though I have not registered for antenatal Care. I'm 5 weeks pregnant!
When I was 5week preg.my doctor told me not to use any drug except folic acid,am now 15wk+ ..so I don't think you need drug for now except folic acid .
I'm 34 weeks and went for antenatal yesterday. The doctor said my baby is oblique. I'm really disturbed because he was talking abo...
Hi, my sister-in-law had this and was told to go swimming as much as possible because swimming on your tummy, i.e breast stroke helps rock the baby into the correct position. Her baby did go head down at 37 weeks and stayed there too!

Hope this helps a bit