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My wife will be completing our baby's EBF by the month ending, pls what supplement or babies milk will be good for our baby so as...EBF
you can buy any age appropriate milk you can afford.
Can I add baby milk in nutribom cereals for a 6months baby?
Yes you can add any age appropriate milk with moderation.
What is d best infant baby milk to introduces to 6 months baby to add into cereal?
Any age appropriate milk labelled 6-12 months is suitable for your baby.
Happy new month to u all, pls which milk can we move to? We are 1year now. All milk am seeing is 0-12months
Peak 123
which milk can you prescribe for a baby of 6 months? The milk is meant to be added to her pap.
Ma'am, any age appropriate milk will be fine. From NAN , Cerelac, Aptamil etc
I have been on drugs especially antibiotics because of CS. Please, I want to know if it can make my baby eat too much. Because he...
Congrats on the birth of your child. It's a good thing that the baby is "feeding well" that's our desire. Please continue with exclusive breastfeeding. Your medications aren't responsible for that.
Any mom here ever tried My Boy Eldorin Infant Formula Milk? How good is it?
Mrs Isekolowo, This is "My BOY Eldorin infant formula 454g, I used it once for my baby. He loves it! You should try it too