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Is it normal for a baby of nine month to be weighing 6.6kg. Birth weight is 3.6kg
No it is not normal. Your baby's weight is below average for his or her age.
I advise you improve on the food intake. Make sure you feed balanced diet and give enough water. Also, avoid foods with empty calories.
What should I give my four month old baby to gain weight? His birth weight is 2.5kg, and his current weight is 6kg
Your baby is doing just fine. It is however, expected tha you baby should be exclusively breastfed till age 6months
Please, what food can I give to my baby of 3 months apart from breast milk. He’s not adding weight at all. Birth weight is 3.1kg...
Your baby should be at least 5kg by now. You need to see a paediatrician IMMEDIATELY for proper assessment and management. Please treat as urgent.
In the mean time continue exclusive breastfeeding and increase frequency of feeds. WHO recommends that babies 0 - 6 months of age be exclusively breastfed only
My baby weighed 3.4kg at birth, he's 8weeks now and he is weighing 6.4kg. He's on ebf, hope his weight is not too much for his age...
Your baby weight is OK for his age.
Is it normal for a year old boy to weigh 8.8kg?
Your baby's weight falls within the average range for his age. Keep feeding him with balanced meals
Please my sis children are always below 2.5kg at birth, what can she be taking now because she pregnant
A pregnant woman is expected to eat balance diet and also her prenatal vitamin except if on prescriptions or special diet as may be approved by her doctor.
My daughter is 2years and 3months old and she weighs 25kg isn't that overweight?
Yes, it appears your baby might be overweight. The average weight for a 2years old child is 12 kg. Please, kindly see a Paediatric endocrinologist as soon as possible for proper evaluation and management.
I read that salt shouldn't be give to babies less than one year but my baby of 11months plus eat whatever i eat since she was 8mon...
It won't affect her but it is advisable to avoid salt as much as possible but you can add a little to family meals that the child eats.
I gave birth three months ago to a 3.4kg baby, and she is weighing 4.5kg. She is on EBF. Please advise me on what to do?
The weight is fair enough. But you have to put more effort. Breastfeed on demand
My baby of 1 month 2 weeks,cries and twist her stomach, in the process of twisting ahe pass out gas through her Anus and still cri...
The baby weight is okay, What you describe might be colic.
Colic is common in babies . It usually starts a few weeks after birth and often improves by age 3 months.
Colic requires no medication, By ages 4 to 5 months, the majority of babies with colic have improved"
But if the pains becomes severe and the baby cries continuously, kindly see a doctor.
1. My 5 years daughter lost two teeth forcefully and it has refused to grow, will it grow later?
2. My twin, 1st was born 2.2...
It could take up to 1 year or more for the adult replacement to come in
Is it proper to wear baby cloth and check the weight or to undress?
Babies should be weighed naked.
I just completed EBF for my son today. Thanks to Almighty God. Birth weight: 4 kg
[email protected]: 8.5 kg
Well done momma, you did great.

You can now gradually start to introduce complementary/solid food as you continue to breastfeed to at least 2 years.
My baby likes taking Lipton with milk as a tea than Milo or bournvita etc. Pls is it safe n healthy for him? Because I heard Lipto...
It's okay for your son to take lipton tea with milk.
My six months old baby just stop taking all her baby's food and she wouldn't even open her mouth while attempting to force her to...
Your baby must not eat baby food, it is even more ideal
My 7 months baby girl who weighs 10.2 kg have this persistent dry night cough which makes her vomit and disrupt her sleep, I took...
Please see a pediatrician as soon as possible. This is a common presentation of bronchial asthma in children but let a Pediatrician see first to examine and evaluate thoroughly for proper diagnosis and treatment.
My baby's weight is 11.2 kg, she's 1 year and 2 months old. Is it okay or should I be worried?
Your baby's weight is on track. Average weight for a 1 year old is 10 Kg ( /- 20%). At one year and 2 months she is doing well at 11.2 kg.
I want to know if my baby's weight is okay. Birth weight is 3.4kg and 11 weeks 5.3kg.
Yes, the weight is okay. Baby's weight is supposed to double the birth weight by 6 months on the average, continue breastfeeding your child on demand. Keep up the good work!!
please enlighten me on how to use baby's
weight to calculate the dosage for paracetamol
syrup? My baby weight is 5.4kg
Paracetamol dose is 15mg x weight of the baby.
What is the average weight of 5 months old baby?
A 5 months baby ought to have double the birth weight.