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Is it good to give a child medicine for teething like babyrex? My friends are advising me to give my baby but am scared of what th...
And it does not need any medication.
Teething Powders and teething mixtures are the most highly unnecessary and at times highly dangerous drugs/substances mums use for their babies.

Some mums even start giving their babies from Day 1 for whatjQuery32108935311435648579_1627380369018!!!

Teething is a normal physiological process or milestones like the child growing bigger, sitting, crawling, walking and saying the first words!!!
My baby of 4month is always
scratching her gum restlessly. Which drug
should i give to her? Is babyrex ok?
itchy gum could be a symptom of a child about
to cut the first set of teeth. Pls do not
give teething mixtures. You can give
her soft teething toy to bite on.
My 12moths old baby with body temperature a bit high especially the head and palms. The following day eye discharge was noticed(wa...Pls, what can be done? Becos we were told that the baby is teething. Pls docs in the house, is this true?
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Hello Ma'am ,please take your child to the hospital,Teething does not equal to fever.
My son is a 1-year six-month n only have four teeth, pls I want to know if its normal cos people are telling me that I need to hel...
It's normal.... There is a wide range of timelines for children to bring out teeth. No need to worry about it"
Is Babyrex or Piccan a medicine for teething?
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According to my consultant paediatricians, using Piccan, babyrex or Bonabebe for baby is not acceptable because it has a long-term effect which is terrible for my baby. They all contain paracetamol. You don't need to use either Piccan or Bonabebe. Like my Paediatrician said, Teething a natural phenomenon just like height. if your baby is having a fever or high temperature, then the baby is sick and should be taken to the hospital. Don't use any teething mixtures, if you're using any teething mixtures, please discontinue it immediately and see a doctor