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Please where they gave my baby bcg injection busted this night and pus came out of it. what should I do to it? Secondly my left ni...
1. Clean with cotton wool. kindly see a Paediatrician who will prescribe appropriate medication for the BCG abscess
My 2weeks old baby has not been given BCG and I was told that BCG is the first and compulsory injection given to newborn babies im...I delivered on 23rd, August and I went back to the hospital on Saturday, 1st September to lodged a complaint......and the Matron t...
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There's actually no negative effect though BCG is usually the first injection given to newborns as you've been told, just that baby is not protected from TB infection which is very risky.
In this case, you have to keep baby away from visitors/adults that can infect the baby.
If a baby is given BCG at birth on the right arm instead of the left arm. Is there any adverse effect?
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Hello Ma'am, No. It does not have any adverse effect. No side effects, It is the place for easy identification of the scar.
My baby was given BCG vaccine and after some time a boil like thing started growing from thereOn his left hand, I want to know if it's normal or something to worry about.thanks
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Do not burst it ma, the pus and swell are normal signs of BCG vaccination when given to a baby, Yes ma, please leave alone, it will resolve on it own
The spot my baby had his BCG vaccine is still hard and painless. He is 3+months already.
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you don't have to worry about this. A normal reaction to the BCG Vaccine. If it ruptures, take him to the hospital. The doctor will know what to do.