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I have a one year plus old kid. When is the right time to start disciplining him. And when does he understand he’s doing the wro...
Hope you are communicating well with your baby. Babies who sometimes cannot reach out to their parents may tend to show some qualities that will earn them your description (naughty). It's best you understand your child and set standards.
Understanding how well your child can communicate is also a key step in finding out what’s causing the aggressive/naughty behaviour. When children can’t express feelings or ask for what they need, they might use aggressive behaviour to communicate.
It can be helpful to ask yourself if the child is trying to tell you something. An example is, if your child doesn’t like a particular activity or food but can't tell you.
My sons of 10 years and 4 years old have been complaining of eye lid scratch for a month now. Today, the eye lid was a little bit...
Firstly, discourage your children from scratching despite the urge to. Trim the nails so they don't hurt their eyes.. Kindly present at the hospital to see an ophthalmologist or optometrist for management.. Likely an allergic reaction to something
What drugs can serve as food supplements for a 4 years six months old and a 2 years 7 months old boys?
They do not need any supplements or drugs just the appropriate diet.
Rejoice with me doctors and moms, I put to bed a bouncing baby boy this evening. To God be all the glory.
Congratulations dear

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