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I weaned my baby on 21th of this month and since then my breasts has been strong. Is it normal?
It will resolve. You may want to take painkillers if painful and see your doctor. Wear firm bras as well.
How will I know that my baby has emptied one of my breasts?
There is always this feeling of fullness and heaviness when the breast is full and flatness or emptiness when the breast is sucked out. Breastfeeding mums can relate to this.
Is it okay for seven years girl to start developing breast?
What is of concern to a paediatric endocrinologist is if this early breast development is just a precocious thelarche or a pointer to a serious underling condition e.g if a child has a tumour in the liver producing estrogen, breast development will occur.
Now, the final line is to see a paediatrician who will examine and investigate for pathologic causes of early development..... and once this is absent, there is no need to worry. Breast development is under the influence of Estrogen, which is a hormone. Usually, the biologic clock gets activated at a particular age, usually 8yrs in girls and 9yrs in boys. So the first obvious sign of puberty in a girl is breast development while the first sign of puberty in boys is increase in testicular volume.
Is it normal for one breast to be bigger than the other? Because it is so obvious when I dress that I always feel uncomfortable.
Yes, it is normal. One breast is always slightly bigger than the other.
My 14 months old baby has stopped breastfeeding, she always bite my nipple whenever I try to breastfeed her. Please I’m worried....
You can introduce complementary feeding and make sure your add age appropriate milk to her food.
How long should I wait for my baby to belge if she fall asleep during breastfeeding?
Keeping your baby upright for 15-30 minutes is advisable. It’s not compulsory to belch
My breast has stopped producing breast milk. Please what should i do?
You need to eat balanced meals, rest well, drink lots of water and do away with worries.
I have breast engorgement! Also, my 14weeks old baby's mouth is hot. He is on EBF
If you think a baby has temperature, you must measure FIRST with a thermometer...NORMAL TEMP IS 36.5 - 37.4......NO MATTER WHAT YOU FEEL. If your thermometer reads above 37.5 then give paracetamol and see a doctor for a proper evaluation to know the cause of the fever. There are so many causes of fever.
Please, my worry is what happens to the milk in an engorged breast after weaning? And won't the remaining milk in the breast cause...
The milk will eventually dry up, please avoid squeezing it. And no it won't cause any disease.
Please what could cause breast milk to flow and after some days it will stop flowing?
The key to breast milk
production is demand for breastfeeding.
The more you supplement with formula the
less the milk production. The key to
production is the baby sucking on the
breast frequently and you relaxing your
mind. Worry and anxiety can also reduce breast
milk production. Drink more fluid, water is
What kind of milk should I give my 8 months babyI want to know what kind of milk I should give my 8 months baby, I made so many research which lead me to www.thehitereport.com an...
If you visit www.thehitereport.com you will know that My Boy Eldorin Stage 2 infant milk, Cowbell milk for instant is good for your baby
After treating breast abscess, my breast did not lactate, what should i do?
You have to calm down
and be very patient. Your lactation
depends on your state of mind and
nutritional status. Ensure you feed on
balanced meals especially fluids and
breast feed on demand. You should
also know that the more your baby
sucks the more your brain signals for
more production of breastmilk.
Is it true that expressing breast milk makes the breast sag on time?
No, it doesn't affect your breast
Pls how do i know if a breast is empty, so as to know when to switch?
When breast is empty, it feels flat and you need to press hard to get a drop of milk out of it unlike a
full breast that feels heavy and gushes out milk when pressed.
My baby of 16 weeks old she is always coughing and pooing after sucking breast, please what's the cause?
A baby can poo up to 8 times in a day, indeed after each feed and it is perfectly normal. On
the other hand too, the baby may not poo
at all for 2 weeks and it is also perfectly
normal. I'm talking about an
exclusively breastfed babies. The stools
are normal and the baby is well, no other
symptoms observed.
How do you encourage a baby of below 6 months to eat. He would rather prefer to suck his hands throughout the day. He refuses to s...
Have you completed exclusive breastfeeding?
Normally your child should be on Exclusive breastfeeding until 6months
My baby is five weeks old and has recently started crying a lot which i now think she's not getting enough milk from my breast. Wh...
Infantile colic is a benign process in which an infant has paroxysms of inconsolable crying for more than three hours per day, more than three days per week, for longer than three weeks.
My baby of 5 months one week always drag food with us, if we don't give him he will start crying. when we make attempt to give him...
Your baby is showing signs of readiness for complementary feeding but he still needs to be exclusively breastfed till after 6 months, so kindly exercise more patience you are almost there.
Pls am trying to wean my baby of One year +. What can I do to ease to pains from my breast? Pls, help!
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For pains associated with weaning, you can use warm compress to let out some of the engorged milk for some relief and wear a firm bra.
I notice there's a lump on my 5months old baby's left breast, should I be worried or not? Pls, treat urgently. Thanks
Dear mom please ​leave it alone, nothing to worry about as it will go on it's own.