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Can i add simas butter to my 1 year and 10 months old baby food, and can i also give him bama(miyonise)?
Butter is a way for fortifying the pap, but we usually recommend palm oil, just a table spoon. It is rich in vitamin A
Please is it okay to give my baby butter everyday, if no how often should I
include butter in his food? He's 1 year 3
Moderation is the key,
please make sure your baby's meal is
well balanced with all the necessary
Can I give my one year old and three months old baby butter?
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Yes, you can give butter. Butter can be used to fortify baby meals
Can I add soya beans, butter or red oil to my 6 months old baby pap?
Adding palm oil is a way of fortifying the pap. Add just a table spoon
Dear moms, At what age can I give my baby blue band butter?
I didn't give any butter to my baby until 3 years