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When can someone stop using chloxyg gel for baby navel can someone continue using it after the cord has fall?
Recommended cord care is use of CHLORHEXIDINE GEL applied once daily on the cord for 7 days or till the cord drops. Where CHLORHEXIDINE GEL is not available, Use of METHYLATED SPIRIT applied SEVERAL TIMES a day say every 4 hours or at every diaper change is the second best
What type of gel is applied on baby's navel after the cord has fallen off and please is it compulsory?
Once the cord has fallen, just clean with moko methylated spirit or Chlorxy -G gel if still raw or yet to heal completely or become like normal skin.No need for any special care once it has healed fully and become like normal skin.
I applied Chlorxy-G Gel to my baby's Umbilical cord but it hasn't fallen off.My baby is12 days old today. What can I do? Pls, help a worried mother
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Don't worry. Just continue applying Chlorhexidine Gel . Nothing else. Some babies'
cord take some time to fall.. It can take up to 14 - 21 days in some cases. if still worried or there is sign of infection, kindly see a doctor for further evaluation and treatment.