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Please doc, can 1 blend groundnut, soya beans and crayfish together and add it to pap for a six months old baby
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No.... Don't start all at once incase the child reacts to one of the ingredients... You will not know which it is ... Start with pap and milk.... Then you can start adding the other ingredients one at a time say one new addition per week
Is good to add grind crayfish to pap for a baby of 6 months?
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Of course, you can
Am I doing it right by cooking noodles for by baby of a year plus, instead of the season I added blended crayfish and I given othe...
Food rich in proteins(for growth), carbohydrates (energy), vitamins (build the immune system) is what your child needs for his age group.

Try incorporating more home made cooked food rich in the nutrients listed above and reduced processed foods because of it artificial contents
My baby is 7months, please I do grind soya beans, groundnut, crayfish and unripe plantain. Then I mixed it to my baby pap with his...
It does not have to be unripe plantain....ripe plantain is fine. You can but ADD ONE NEW FOOD AT A TIME!!!”.