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I have a 21 months baby who have been diagnosed with down syndrome he has not started walking yet, is there any possibility for hi...
All hope is not lost all you need is patience and love. The care of Down syndrome is just like any other child except that they may have medical complications as will which will require the doctors interventions. Kindly make sure that your child is being followed by a Paediatrician preferably in any of the Teaching Hospitals closest to you.
My friend's child is Down syndrome,she is a year and 6 months,no teeth and her weight is below 7kg. pls, is the weight range for s...
Hi, she's underweight. Is she being followed up by any Paediatrician? Kindly see one as soon as possible. There are specific Down Syndrome Chart. You can check online for them to plot the chart.
My baby has down syndrome, she also has heart diseases and has been taken to hospital for a check-up and follow up. She eats well...
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Sometimes,Infants and children with Down Syndrome can have feeding and drinking difficulties. Such babies get tired easily and so can't suckle for long. If you child doubled the birthweight at this has grown well contrary to the situation with children with holes in the heart. Especially the severe ones. Please see a paediatrician all the same and be sure". All the best
I stopped breastfeeding my baby about 2weeks ago and she stopped being smart like before. She is 18 months now and has down syndro...
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Hello ma'am, yes you can still breastfeed your baby. Breastmilk doesn't go sour as Long as its still in the breast. Also included nutritious complementary foods to your baby's diet
I have a baby boy of seven months who has the look of a Down Syndrome. At 3months he held his head, At 6months sits on his own car...Can it be that he can have the look and not having the DS? I have taken him to teaching hospital for Dr's to examine him all they...
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Since you have seen a doctor and the child has been
examined, please follow the doctor's instructions but if you're still in
doubt, kindly seek a second opinion preferably from a paediatrician.