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A neighbour of mine while breast feeding her child while lying down something like whitish thing Is coming out of his ear, he’s...
Pus from the ear suggests an infection, let the child be taken to a paediatrician for evaluation and treatment. Lying down while breastfeeding doesn't cause pus coming out of the ear
My baby of 2yrs old put millet inside her ear pls what can i do to bring it out?
Do not put anything in the baby's ears. Kindly take the child to the hospital where they have the right instrument for assessment.
Please how often is it advisable to clean baby's ear?
You do not need to clean the baby ears ...just wipe the surface with face towel
If there are wax, just clean the one you see with clean cloth...DO NOT USE COTTON BUD TO CLEAN THE EARS
My son of 3 years old has
been crying since last night because of ear pain we
couldn't sleep last night, please what should...
Please take the child to
see an ENT specialist preferably in a
teaching Hospital so that the ears
can be checked properly and the
cause of the pain will be known and
what can be used to clean baby's ear? Since cotton bud is not advisable.
Simply clean the external canal with a cloth. Don't insert anything or object into the ear
What can I use for my 9months old baby? She keeps scratching her 2 ears.
A paediatrician as to check inside the ears
and rule out middle ear infection. Sometimes the only symptoms children show is this tugging of the ears.. If it's not infection, it may be due to rashes. Let a paediatrician review your child and
map out the treatment.